Individual Health Services

What are 'individual health services’? 

Individual health services are services that are not paid by statutory health insurances and are thus not included in the list of services provided by statutory health insurances.

The costs for such services must be borne by the patient, independent of whether you request the service due to personal responsibility for your health (e.g. certain preventive examinations) or whether an examination is mandatory (e.g. medical certificates).

The following are examinations that are part of our individual health services: 

  • vaccination status + consultation
  • immune status
  • food intolerance and allergies 
  • osteoporosis risk 
  • thrombosis risk 
  • exposure to toxic metals and heavy metals 
  • chronic fatigue 
  • loss of hair
  • menopause / post-menopause 
  • female hormone status 
  • fitness - from a medical point of view
  • vitamin status
  • tumor markers