Standart services

We get to the bottom of things

A personal conversation between doctor and patient is very important in each examination to jointly find the cause of your ailments.
In addition, we have access to a number of technical diagnostic tools. 

The following examination methods are frequently applied: 

Electrocardiogram (ECG)
You are resting topless on an examination table. Small sensing devices on your skin measure and record the function of your heart. Based on these records, we can recognize whether your heart works properly.

Exercise ECG
We want to find out how your heart reacts to exercise. During this examination, you are sitting on an exercise bike and have to pedal vigorously.  It would be best if you wore comfortable clothes.

Prolonged ECG
We want to examine how your heart acts over a longer period of time. Small sensing devices are attached to your skin above your heart, which measure the electrical activity of your heart. The data are recorded in an easy-to-handle recording device that can easily be worn on your belt.

24-Hour Blood Pressure Measurement

In order to be able to measure your blood pressure over the course of the day, we will provide you with a blood pressure meter for 24 hours. The data will be recorded similar to the prolonged ECG.

Pulmonary Function Testing
You are breathing through a small mouthpiece that is connected to an electronic measuring device. Thus, we can test several functions of your lung.

Ultrasound enables us to image the organs in the abdominal cavity (liver, spleen, kidney, pancreas, etc.) on a screen. Ultrasound waves are completely harmless for your body.

Laboratory Examination
There are a number of different blood examinations. Please ask my staff when you make an appointment whether you are required to fast for your blood test.

Special Service
Diagnostic and therapy of rheumatic diseases.

Preventive Medical Check-up
We want you to stay in good health. Preventive medical checkups at regular intervals make sense. Please talk to us about these checkups.

Professional Vaccination Consultation
Our highly trained and qualified staff offers you well-founded consultation in our practice.